1-TDC® Dual Action PERIODONTAL & JOINT HEALTH for Cats & Dogs - 120 Soft Gels

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1-TDC® stands for 1-TetraDecanol Complex,  its molecular name.  1-TDC® Dual Action is a new generation of fatty acid oils with a different molecular structure and properties that are far superior to traditional essential oils. 

It is a unique Dual Action product  recommended for natural GUM & JOINT HEALTH for dogs and cats.  These easy-to-use convenient 1-TDC® Dual Action soft gels provide superb results.  Administered orally, these 120 soft gel chews are a four month supply for a 50 lb. dog.

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Healthy joints keep your little companions happy. Joint health is at the core of their mobility -- to play, go up and down stairs, or hop in and out of a car. Keeping joints healthy sustains their youthful spirit.  You owe it to them to provide our most advanced all-natural solution. 

Gum health is a major issue in cats and dogs.  It is reported that 80% of cats and dogs have a periodontal issue in some form by the age of three.  1-TDC® is a genuine periodontal breakthrough. It directly supports the gums, making it a unique and effective solution.  While many products help with tartar and plaque, 1-TDC® is now the industry leader that directly zeros in on the gums. The 1-TDC® technology is a true periodontal breakthrough that supports healthy pink gums in your cat or dog.                                                           


Why is 1-TDC® Dual Action Important?

Peer reviewed research has demonstrated that poor oral health will spread and affect the joint health. As Dr. James Anthony (Veterinary Dentist) explains: "Oral health in itself is very debilitating to an animal.  However, there is a strong association that through hematogenous spread of oral pathogens other organ systems can be affected.  The joints are one of them and a number of peer reviewed patpers have demonstrated this". 

1-TDC® Dual Action is the only product that provides the option to support both Periodontal and Joint Health in one solution. 
Because 1-TDC® periodontal is  very palatable,  the experience for your cat or dog is a positive one.  This is important as it significantly improves compliance in keeping your pet's gums healthy.


1-TDC® is a new generation of fatty acid -- with extensive scientific research 

It delivers remarkable joint health support. You will observe the difference in days. And more importantly, your pets will FEEL the difference! 

1-TDC® is very palatable!

Many small dogs and cats take 1-TDC® just like a treat, because it is very palatable.  Some love to chew the soft gels, or you can cut open the soft gel and squeeze out the contents for your pet.  For an unusually finiky cat, squeeze out the contents and apply it to the nose to be licked off.  The soft gel is perfectly safe for them to digest. 

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An advanced formula now available to veterinarians

Making the right decision when it comes to joint health can be a daunting task. For this reason, Elite Science believe that veterinarians play a key role in providing you the best solution.  After many years of research, the 1-TDC® technology was awarded a U.S. patent in 2009 for its significant breakthrough. It is now available as a Dual Action solution to enhance the Gum & Joint health of pets. 

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